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Sunday, 31 January 2016

C is for Cacoepy - ABC Wednesday

C is for Cacoepy which means poor or wrong pronunciation.

Yes, this is indeed a very funny topic to talk about.

How many times have you heard someone pronounce something vague, maybe weirdly or in a

fashion that you cannot impersonate? I’m sure all of us will have such stories about instances

where there’s been a blunder done by someone or the other.

Image credit - Youtube

I can recall hundreds of such instances, my name being on top of the list. During the 24 glorious

years since my birth my name has been pronounced in so many different ways that my parents

will feel disheartened naming me Lancelot.

Living in India, a few names children have especially the ones Catholics in general have are

pronounced in the most unusual fashion like no one else could. I know the names we have and

we intend to keep are sometimes not what the crowd in India or for that matter any part of the

world is used to listening to. Thus they call out whatever they seem fit. If it sounds proper, then

it’s okay. Or else, it hurts. It hurts badly when you’re name is pronounced differently. It feels like

a sting.

Not only names, a few places and some other things too when pronounced in a different fashion

can make you roll on the floor laughing your ass out till you die!

I’ve never come across such a word and am glad to have found it. Thus I’ve shared it with you


Are there such instances which you can remember?

Why don't you share it below in the comments section.

I'll be looking forward to it.

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Saturday, 30 January 2016

You are the Best Wife – Book Review

Some books have stories that can have such a large impact that you’d be stuck with the story for

a long time. This is one such story.

The book is wholly and solely about the love story of Ajay Pandey & Bhavna Pradhan.

It varies right from the,

1. First time they met.

2. First date.

3. Their time spent in college.

4. Post college/work stage.

5. Marriage.

6. Till the last breath.

I’ll give you a peek through this book which should give you an idea of what you must expect out

of it. Then I’ll also add a bit of pros and cons too just to make it clear.


Ajay and Bhavna happen to meet in IERT where they both study. A few meetings, a lot of drama

(which has to happen in a love story) does take place. Then there’s love, which follows with

trust and commitment issues. This stage almost will be such that you could either relate it to

your love story or to a friend/relative who might have experienced this. Both being from

different castes creates a lot more drama.

I won’t write much about the Marriage and post marriage part because that’s where the story’s

USP lies. The people who are married would love to hear the fights which take place like it’s a

daily chore. Incidentally when I was reading this book, my colleague who is married read a

chapter with me where these two fight. He laughed his ass off and said that the fights are same

everywhere. There are 2 endings given by the author; one with a happy ending for those who

like it that way. The other one is the truth which is for those who want to know the actual

ending; raw and plain.


1) The book has a lot of cliche moments, funny and humorous takes.

2) He’s written the book in such a fashion that there will be many moments where you

could relate a few moments to your own life.

3) The characters used are well explained, nothing felt out of line.


1) I just found one shortcoming. The start of the book for almost until the first hundred

pages couldn’t keep the grip and I almost did not have the want to read it. The

inquisitiveness was almost dead. It picked up pace in the later half at a drastic speed.

2) And this one’s just for the author. Ajay dude… you should have proposed way way way

earlier than you did. But better late than never.

But if you would see it clearly, that can’t be actually considered a flaw because this is a real life

story. It’s displayed how the story took place. We are so much full of drama that we need a huge

dose of it in every book to satisfy that urge. However, if you have that urge maybe this book can

disappoint you.

My overall suggestion would be that you give this book a read and it will leave you with a lot of


I’m Proud of you Ajay. Well written. Thanks for sharing your story!

You can buy this book from the links mentioned below.

 "This book review is a part of  The Readers Cosmos Book Review Program and Blog Tours.
For details long on to"

Friday, 29 January 2016

ABC Wednesday - B is for Baryphonic

B is for Baryphonic which means having difficulty whilst speaking.

Image credit -

There are 2 ways of using this word.

One would be for people who find it difficult to speak properly; the hindrance being

stammering etc.

The other would be when there are other factors that make it tough for a person to speak

with ease.

Image credit -

I’d like to focus my attention on the latter.

We all know that a person who speaks with ease is most likely a person who has confidence

in what he or she says. On the other hand there are people who stutter, who do “Ummm…

maybe… hmmm” and that’s where they get perceived as people who aren’t confident

enough to speak. It also looks like they’re making up a story to hide the truth.

Isn’t it possible that they’re just too scared sometimes of the audience? Maybe in a suitable

environment with lesser audience or in writing, they’d pass on the message quite clearly. But

when it would be needed at the very moment, they most likely fail to deliver.

Image credit -

So is this their fault? Or just sheer confidence issues? Or maybe who knows… no reason?

This is something that has got my attention. I know a few friends of mine who are bright and

smart. They can do a lot of things. But when it comes to put those actions to words, they just

don’t live up to the mark. This doesn’t mean that they have failed as individuals. They are

successful, they are growing. But I know that maybe, just a slight maybe that if they could

speak with ease, with a free mind & with oodles of confidence, they’d be even better at what

they’re doing. That’s my belief.

So I would like to leave this thought to you with 2 questions.

1) Do you agree with my view?

2) Do you think that the person realizes that not speaking with ease is affecting his/her

growth? What do you think they can do about this?

I’ll be glad if you’ll can answer these 2 questions above for me.

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Thursday, 14 January 2016

How to turn GOOD Mornings into GOLD Mornings!

A Gold Morning is when I wake up with nothing but positivism brewing inside me.
It’s unusual for every morning to be fantastic or something out of the blue, thus the term “Gold Morning” since it doesn’t happen that often.
My idea of a gold morning revolves around a few aspects;
  1. Early rising (By 7am).
  2. Exercise/Jogging (At least 10 minutes or more).
  3. Healthy breakfast (My favorite time)
  4. Read few articles/blogs OR write one! (Effects of being a blogger)
  5. Leave the house with the hope of having a stress free day (There's always hope for that!)
I rise early and start my routine with jogging for a few laps to burn some fat (if that’s possible) and then head home a bit tired. Then comes the main moment of me getting fresh to welcome yet another working day. I begin with brushing my teeth using the “Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold Toothbrush”.

Yes, it looks cool too. That’s how nowadays my regular mornings turn into #Colgate360GoldMornings
Yes, that’s about the start. Then after being refreshed, breakfast is the only thing that’s on my mind. There’s nothing more i can muster until a morsel finds space in my mouth. Yes i love my breakfast a lot. That paves way to a good start for the day.
Then comes the best part. I like reading a few news articles. I have to check out something related to sports, then head over to any new stories on the news papers. Then if i have time, i read a few blogs or i choose to write a post myself. It feels good to start my day with a blog post. I feel better than ever post reading and writing. It just makes me happy.
To conclude, I’d like to say that anyone can have a gold morning. All you need is a big chunk of perspective with a hint of optimism.
So this was me sharing my daily routine which turns a regular morning into a Gold morning.
Why don’t you share your mantra too?
I’d like to hear your story too.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A is for Ablepsia

For this year's ABC Wednesday, I've planned to use unusual words right from A-Z.

So, here's how i begin this theme with the word Ablepsia.

A is for Ablepsia

A is for Ablepsia which means Blindness.

There are so many things, situations which take place right in front of us.

We choose to look, ignore and sometimes even pretend to be blind.

Image credit -

We commit so many mistakes and we pretend to be blind.


Why not face it?

I know it's not easy looking at people who need help and we just walk away.

I know it's not easy accepting your own faults and not to run away from the situation. 

But we can try to do something someday.

All we need to do is stop pretending we're BLIND. 

Image credit -

Did i make sense?


Was this just another blog post for you? 

Do let me know what you'll think.

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

An Overdose of Positivity

There are many things which happened in 2015.

As usual we would think of the negative aspects first, maybe even the ones which involve killings.
But what if i would ask you to list down 5 good news that you heard that was inspirational for the entire year?

I bet you would have to google them.
If not, then maybe you would have had to use your mind palace to an extreme level to find out of such news.

Honestly i did have to google, but yes i did hear about these stories. Here's me showcasing one such story which inspired me and many of us during the course of the year.

Potholes, Potholes Everywhere:

In a time when most of us prefer to be spectators (i.e. complain, whine but don't do anything else), there's one 67 year young man Gangadhara Tilak Katnam who has decided to take matters into his own hands.

Where there's a pothole, there's Mr.Katnam

He spots potholes, he fills them! (Literally)
Yes, since July 2011, he has filled over a staggering 1124 potholes.
No kidding! He's done that! He will keep doing this until the authorities make up their mind to come ahead and do their job which Mr.Katnam seems to be doing now.

The Man in Action!

He had been working with the South Central Railway for almost 35 years after which he retired from that field. He took up a consultant's job later in a software firm and thought life would be good now.

But potholes made sure, he had a bumpy ride every single day. Sometimes while driving he would unintentionally splash muck on the nearby people, sometimes the potholes made him almost cause an accident.
One fine day, he witnessed an accident where a BUS crushed an auto-rickshaw. Had the road been properly leveled alongside no possibility of potholes, there would be a human being breathing. But that didn't happen that day. Someone died.
Mr.Katnam couldn't fathom the fact that such things would keep happening and no one was doing anything. That's when he took matters into his own hands. He started filling every pothole he saw. He kept the equipment in his vehicle. His pension money was being used to a huge extent. 
His Son who was situated in USA, came down to talk sense into his father to stop all of this but after witnessing the determination and will power his father had, the son went ahead and helped the father create a Facebook page and also a website named Shramadaan a voluntary initiative where many gather and fill potholes. Please check out the website as there's also a helpline number where people can call and inform about potholes. 

The Hero!

Here are the links:

Website - CLICK HERE

Facebook Page - CLICK HERE

Image Credits - The News Minute

For more such  mind boggling news, check out Youth Ki Awaaz - CLICK HERE

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