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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Validate Your Child

Validate your child:
St.Michael’s Church,
Mahim, Mumbai
13th June 2015

It was just one of those rare moments when I visit this church. But whenever I do, it’s always special.

I heard a sermon from the priest and the topic was amazing. There were none who dozed off mid way like some usually do (not kidding). Especially parents had their attention solely to the words coming out from the priest.

The topic dealt with validating your child. Here’s my view on it.

Situation 1:

There are moments when you expect something from your child. When they don’t live up to your expectations, it’s obvious you get a bit hurt. Maybe and just maybe you might raise your hand or you might scold them. The point here being you would make it known to them that you are upset.

That’s somewhat right and logically understandable. That’s because we want the best for our children right? We don’t want them doing the same mistakes we’ve done. But there’s another version to this also.

What if they lived up to your expectations? Do you validate that? Do you let them know what they did was very good? Do you treat them? Make them feel good?
I hope the answer to at least one of the above questions is a big fat YES, because then you’re doing it right. (At least that’s what I think).

Situation 2:

There are moments when your child expects something from you. Yes he/she will not tell you what it is. It can be anything.

Let’s say for example,

·        He makes a drawing. It’s not that great but he thinks he/she really put his heart to it.
·        Or he tried his best to study well and managed to get better marks than before.
What do you see?
That his drawing is not better than others? That he still is getting just a few marks above the minimum marks needed to pass?

Please don’t tell that to them. You wouldn’t know what that would do to them.
Children when small have this one expectation that is to have their parents validate their effort. All you have to tell them is that their effort matters a lot. It can have a glorious impact. They would try getting better. They would be happy.

But if you don’t, it would break their tiny heart. And then who knows that’s the attention they’ll crave for their entire life. In some ways or the other they will try filling this void.

The people whom we call attention seekers maybe and just maybe are the ones who did not get the attention when they needed it the most.

The question being,

Would you want your kid to grow up that way?

Please don’t. 

He will fail, he will do stupid things. You will scold.
But when he does something good, tell him he did good.
It might be nothing extraordinary. But still, validate your child.

P.S – It’s a thought which I took a lot of time to jot it down. I don’t intend to hurt any parent who thinks’ I’m mocking their methods of parenting.

Have a nice weekend folks!

Friday, 12 June 2015

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning.

Those 2 glorious words can bring a wide smile on any youngster’s face.
Not for the right reasons obviously.
Majority below the age of 25 do not look at retirement planning in a serious way. 
Then comes a ,

v  fully fledged job,
v  marriage,
v  kids,
v  Mortgage,
v  Own House
v  And then by the time we cross 35-40, planning for retirement seems to have been a long lost option.

Why should we wait so long?

It's a simple funda. You know that 1 rupee a few years back was worth more than what it's worth today. That's the same with savings and expenses.

You spend over 20,ooo a month now.
Post 20 years, that same 20,000 will become 3,00,000.
That is a huge possibility.
Then what?
Your needs and wants will never diminish.
I mean, why should they?

All you need to do is save a little each month, plan your investments so that post 20 years, spending and being happy will never be an issue.

Otherwise the negative thoughts will come flooding in.
Just imagine, to spend 3,00,00 how much will you have to earn.
Would you expect yourself to earn at the age of 60?
I mean, i imagine myself on a beach house with no worries whatsoever.

The fact i did not give much thought on retirement planning baffled me to the hilt when i met few personnel from Reliance Capital Asset Management team last week with a few bloggers.

The event was led by Mr. Sundeep Sikka - CEO, Mr. Himanshu Vyapak - Deputy CEO Mr. Ajay Jethi - CMO and Mr. Sharad Goel – CCO.

They explained to us the importance of retirement planning in the easiest language possible.

They started the talk with a brief about "Reliance Retirement Fund" which according to them is a #LambiInningsKiTaiyari.

So the "Reliance retirement fund" involves of 2 phases i.e. 

Accumulation - The phase when you build retirement assets and
Distribution - The phase when you use retirement assets.

It has a lot of benefits too. Here are some of the features.

They have two schemes i.e. the wealth creation scheme and the income generation scheme. As per your needs and risk taking capability you can decide how much to invest in order to have a solid laid back future.

You can switch between these two schemes as and when you wish.

The exit load is 1% on redemption before the age of 60. (where the lock in period would be of 5 years in the start of the scheme)

There is also a SWP (Systematic withdrawal plan) where you can decide what needs to be withdrawn every month post you crossing the age of 60.
Just imagine, you could get a fixed sum every month which would be enough for your needs. That would be great, right?

There are tax benefits too.


I have been investing in the market. Savings have been less due to my never ending needs but yes, i did give it a thought about retirement planning earlier.
Post this event, my planning horizons have broadened. Now i know what i would need to save in order to have my dream beach house alongside a tension free life.
If i start now, 3o years down the line, everything will be alright.

My suggestion to anyone below the age of 30 is that if you can even save 3000 rupees a month (1000 for youngsters) and invest, the difference it will make every 10 years will benefit you the most.

So don't wait till you have kids and a mortgage.
Start today. Start now.

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