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Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Home, My Zone

So, lately my dreams of giving my home a well deserved make-over have been resurfacing.
By resurfacing I mean it's coming back to life.
It’s like I see the walls, and designs start flowing in my memory.
A book shelf, some antiques, different colors, keep juggling in my mind.
And then, this contest.
I mean what better timing than this.
Now I’m burdened with viewing more options, which means I’ll continue hearing voices in my head, and also weaving dreams which will take a long time to fulfill. (Since I’m still job-hunting :P )

So, approach wise, I would opt for the minimalist style.
Thus I chose 3 items which are a must have for my room.

1)  Swayam Boutique Collection 3 pcs Bedroom Set:

A Bed.
The most basic thing needed in my room.
The place/heaven where i just feel like drowning, never to jump up again.
Ahh, just the image made me feel so cozy.

2)  Ghasitaram Photo Frame Cum Clock:

Now i like this one more due to the addition of 2 frames where i can keep pictures.
I always wanted posters, but then, this is good too.
I can keep pictures of loved ones, or even places i wish to visit in the future which will help me focus on fulfilling my dreams. :)

3)  Little India Pure Brass Antique Design Real Telescope:

I like star gazing.
One of the best moments I had, was during a trip to Rajasthan when we were residing in Sand-dunes.
At night, the sky was a treat to watch.
Stars Stars everywhere.
I have an app on Android called Google Sky Map which i love using.
It shows me the names and locations of planets, stars etc.

Coming back to the topic, i would love to have a telescope.
Maybe the use is limited, but it fits the purpose for me.
It acts as a showpiece for many, snooping around for some, and star gazing for people like me :)

So, this is how my room would deem complete.
I'm happy to participate in this contest.
Got to view many more areas which i hadn't thought of earlier.

Although i do have something to say to "Make My Home".
Just 3 options is a tad too less.
Even 5 wouldn't suffice anyone. :P
(I'm pretty much sure many will agree to this)

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Drawing the Line... Literally!!

For some people there are boundaries to the way they behave.
For some there are no limits.
What are you?

Me… I’d choose the first option any day.

We all have reservations.
It can be in matters of work, love, family, friends etc.
We draw the line on our conversations mainly to let people know that this is a zone you are not allowed entry to.

What’s funny to us might not be funny for the opposition.
The more people you know, the more confusing it gets as we have to remember where and when to stop talking about certain matters because if we forget that and overstep the line unintentionally… it will lead to a grand havoc. (Which is not good btw)

Can anything be funny?
No, it can’t.
The way we perceive different situations may not match the way how others see it.
Thus the concept of drawing the line gets tough.

But yes, there are certain general aspects which we all draw a line on and hope that others respect that.
Most of the times, things remain how they are.

But what if someone crosses the line?

What if your personal space is exposed?

What if someone makes a mockery out of a situation where you were involved?

What do you do then?

If it were me, I would have surely ended up doing something stupid or something which I would regret doing later on.
Life can’t be the exact way you pictured it to be. There will be bumps, and at those moments your actions won’t be pre-determined.
You will have to make a choice.
Try doing something good, or rather do nothing.

I end this post with the same question.
What would you do if someone crosses the line or makes a mockery out of a situation where you were involved?
Share with me your thoughts.

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August 13: Drawing the line:

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Taboo Wedding

“Inter Religion Marriage and India” is yet another topic which we bloggers can write volumes and volumes of thesis on.

My last post “Quit Being A Stereotype”  a part of Indispire #24, displayed a habit we Indians have to let go soon before we meet our doom.

Indispire #25 follows suit with yet another debatable topic i.e. Is Inter-religion marriage still considered taboo in India?

The answer is YES.

Here’s the link to the above picture:
And these are just some of the old articles from different newspapers.
There are many such disturbing news which hurts your gut.

The question arises; why so serious on such an issue?
You fall in love with the person and not their religion.
You don’t ask a person’s religion before falling in love with them.
Then why such a fuss to starting a new life together?

Like in my previous post, I blame this to our stereotypical thinking which has been carried forward for generations now, I guess.
Maybe five to ten failed couples’ stories have been made as the benchmark for everyone who ever tried to take the marriage step.

And those stories have been used in the below fashion;
“Inter religion marriages never work Beta. We have seen the world more than you. We know everything. Many have taken such steps and then regret their mistake.”

Like seriously what are the parents scared about; Is it that if the marriage takes place, later the kids born as a result would be of a deformed/alien form?

What’s even worse is that if the couple elopes and gets married then it’s like the crime of the century and all everyone can think of is capital punishment. Don’t know much about what happens in Bombay, but it means death or banishment from the villages.

I don’t know if I’m right in plotting this, but even honor killing can be a grave possibility for the girl and boy.

In today’s time, homosexuality is being accepted abroad, and here we are fighting against inter religious marriage.

On the contrary, I also would love to point out a line said in a fellow blogger’s post.
We as youth have our thinking on a completely new level, but the world around us functions slower than that.
When we say the world is evolving, it’s not as a whole. There are some places where the speed of evolving is slow.

So, all we can do is hope things gets better.

This post is written as a part of Indispire #25. To read many such interesting posts,

Also, I need to know if you agree with the views expressed above or if you have better suggestions. Let’s get talking. 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Quit Being A Stereotype

My post portrays one bad habit.
You need better views, and thus treat yourself to these 2 posts;
This will surely give you a taste of reality.

When we talk of bad habits, there are many and this post can turn into a thesis.
So, I finalized on one point which I’ll share with y’all.

Stereotypical Thinking

We are now in 2014.
Why behave like a primitive then?
Why act like animals and then say everyone does the same thing?
Why do things and play blame games?

The answer is simple.
It’s a typical stereotypical thinking, which has been on from many generations.
Our thinking can just never change.

Today at 6.15pm, whilst at a friend’s office at the ground floor, we witnessed something that just did not shock us.
From up top, (don’t know which floor) plastic bags started doing a free fall.
The filth has found a new dustbin, i.e. the backyard of the building.
Would you be surprised to know that in the complex there are only offices.
So, well mannered and literate people find it justifying to throw filth from their office space. How cool is that?

For kids, the moment they are born, their life history has already been decided.
If you ask why do you want your son/daughter to study this?
The reply will simply amaze you.
“Because generally everyone does engineering/MBA.”
If you watch movies, you’ll know how stereotypical the thinking gets.
A degree would mean getting better suitors, maybe some extra dowry etc etc.
The poor kid has no choices whatsoever.
I know the trend is changing now a lot, but it still continues to happen at some places.

For girls, the moment she turns 18, suitors are sought for her.
Is she such a liability?
The answer you might receive is,
“Because later good suitors won’t arrive”
“Because we may have to pay a lot of money”
Trust me; such a reply kills me when I hear it.
A girl has a life too.
A life to explore, a life to enjoy.
If you don’t let her live by herself, then its grave injustice.

It’s taboo to marry in different castes.
I know this issue is debatable.
But the world is changing.
The boy and girl can live together, and follow their faith.
If every answer starts with “Beta, these marriages never work” then nothing can ever happen in the future.

Stereotypical thinking is what I consider a bad habit, which sometimes works good, but mostly is something which has us lagging behind.
This has to change.
I hope someday it will.

This post is written for Indispire #24. To read more such posts on this week’s theme, CLICK HERE

Sunday, 3 August 2014

JIFI Is The Answer...

After 3 weeks of delay, I finally get the time to post this.
JIFI is here, finally.
3 weeks ago, I browsed through the entire website and was amazed with the setup Kotak Bank entered with.
Many features, a never like seen before account mechanism.
Read below to find my experience of visiting the JIFI page.

What is JIFI you may ask?
JIFI is like a new age savings account.

What do I mean by a new age savings account?
In simple words, a social + savings account.

Till now all we get our balances as a message sent to our smart phones.
With Jifi, you can actually check your balances on social media i.e. through Twitter.
There are a ton of things you can do using social media.
Add this below list too.
When you click this link, there would be a huge list of hash tags (#) which can be used to avail services like balances, last 3 transactions, last payment, etc.
You want to find out the nearest branch?
Leave them a message on twitter.
You want to know if your cheque transaction is completed.
Leave them a message on twitter.
What’s the best part of this?
All your messages are in a direct message (DM) format which is like a personal chat.
So I’m rest assured.

Now we all have accounts where we have to maintain minimum balance like around 200/- or 500/-.
If you don’t then there are penalties which is a major turn off if you ask me.
Jifi comes here to my rescue too.
Their balance free account means I can use my money freely without any tension.
What more?
If you keep money in excess of 25,000 term deposits are created for which you get paid interest.
Isn’t that something to cheer for?

 While playing contests we are used to referring friends to win.
Here, you get points for every friend who joins JIFI.
What more?
These points are redeemable for cash.
1 point = 1 rupee.
E.g. - For every friend that joins, you get 250 points.
Just imagine if you manage to get 10 friends on board, i.e. 250 * 10 = 2500 /-
Too much..!!

JIFI has a loyalty club which allocates you points for every favorite, re-tweet and transactions placed online.
You will be awarded social points redeemable later for your loyalty.

Now if you have an app, then nothing better than that right?
Kotak has apps which help your personal and professional life too.
Personal in terms of offers on food, shopping etc.
Professional would be for all the banking transactions.

Kotak money watch will play the role of your parents who will keep track of every possible thing you do with the money.
Let it be your spending, saving etc, everything!

Last but not the least, the Platinum debit card.
It has a built in chip which adds to the security of your transactions.
Also, you can withdraw up to 50,000 daily with a limit of 2, 00,000.

Isn’t all this too much to fathom?
What I have finally understood after reviewing JIFI as a whole is that Kotak has used the most important concept according to me i.e. NEEDS OF THE CUSTOMER.
By placing us customers on the pedestal, they have minimized our efforts to a bare minimum.
So much in one account will keep us from joining elsewhere.
They linked social media as it’s like our lifeline now.
All for us.
I bet banking can’t get better.
15,760 people have already connected with JIFI.
What’s stopping you?
Hop on.
Be amazed with the JIFI experience.

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