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Thursday, 29 May 2014

LOVE - A tribute to John Lennon

John Lennon – Love
Do listen to it once.

Link -

I happened to come across this song after a very long time.
So thought of adding some new verses to the song.

I'm not good at writing poems or songs so bear with me.


Love is deep, deep is love.
Love is rich, rich is love.

Love is here, here is love.
Love is magic, magical is love.

Love is hiding, to be found.
Love is full, full of surprises.
Love is painful, when it hurts.


Love is Pure, Pure is love.


Love is waiting.. to be loved

Friday, 23 May 2014

Poetry and Me.. Really?

Till I turned 23, poetry and I have had an inverse relationship.
Never really understood how people write them.
How could they portray their emotions so beautifully?
Let me tell you, I consider myself creatively dumb.
I have had many friends; fellow bloggers who write wonderful poems, such that give you peace, make you feel content.

Now, recently I had feelings for this girl I knew.
But like a dramatic sequence or whatever you call it, she likes someone else.
That didn’t stop me from telling her what I felt about her.
So one day whilst playing a stupid game i got a dare to write some lines about her.
Knowing I could never be with her, I came up with a title, and spilled my emotions in those lines.

I thus agree that poetry is really a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.
Here is the poetry (I think it’s a poetry) I wrote during that stage.
It’s called as “That’s the Dream”

Some lines showing what the dream is for me when I'm with you.
Hope you like it.


To close my eyes and think about you.
That's the dream!

To be in your presence, and be loved like never before.
That's the dream!

To swim in your eyes whilst you look at me with love.
That's the dream!

To cherish every moment we spend together like it’s my last.
That's the dream!

To walk hand in hand, with you by my side.
That's the dream!

To wake up, and find you by my side.
 That's the dream!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My Dear Precious – Part 3

My previous 2 posts were about a guy who had feelings for a girl, and he expressed them to her.
Below is the result of that expression.

Reality bites...Doesn’t it?
I remember you asking me to write 16 lines about you.
I managed 13.
But those came straight from my heart.
I felt I haven’t written anything better than that to date.
I named it “That’s the dream” as it isn’t a reality.
I have dreamt of all this lately.

You read it.
You didn’t comment.
But for me that was enough.
I haven’t asked you for an answer or to confess your feelings towards me, as I know the reality.
We have been through with this all the time.

You still like that guy.
You still are deeply madly crazily in love with him.
Even though you’ll aren’t together, you still think of him.
Sometimes I think how lucky he is to have someone like you crazy just for him.
I have to admit, I’m jealous too.
But we can’t’ have everything, can we dear?

So, I took a day just consumed in my thoughts, trying to make myself understand.

Every time I close the door on reality it comes in through the windows. ~Jennifer Yane

This quote touched me.

I won’t deny I got a bit selfish midway, thinking why you are waiting for him, when I am here.
I know he is the best according to you.
I know I may not match his skills, his talents.
I’m simple ya.
But not bad either.
But then, reality bites. And i understand what you feel.
The brain has done its work. But the heart... Oh. Wish it was easy.
I have reached that point in my life where I have realized that it’s worthless to keep your emotions or feelings pent up.
They torture no one apart from you.
So why don’t we spit it out?

I had something for you.
Maybe you will not approve of it.
You might say, it’s fake.
But that would really hurt me dear.
That was genuine.
What I had for you was the truth.
It will remain a distant dream now.
For I have accepted it.
I know you won’t be mine.

That wall you have kept between me and your heart is too strong to be broken.
If you are waiting for him, then I respect that.
I will step down. :(

I only have some words left to say to you.
My only request to you is, don’t let your past surround you so much, that it consumes your reality.
Then everything you see will be blurred.
If I say you must move on, that would be selfish of me, because I really want to be with you.
But your final words yesterday sealed it for me.
You said,

For me, the synonym for love is He” and he will always be the one.
So I accept it.
Maybe things happen for the very best.

I have also read that,
“If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were.”

Lol, you know what I just happened to hum a song now.

It’s a Hindi one from the movie “Lootera”

The name is “Ankahee”

If you ever happen to stumble upon this post, do hear it.

You know what, now a list of songs has come in my head.
But I won’t post them here. Enough of sadness.

I think i'm turning insane.
Remembering many quotes, and sad songs.


I’m ending this post with a few words of my favorite artist Adele’s song “Someone like you”

This is goodbye.

My dear precious, I wish you get what you want.

Yours lovingly,


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