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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Game-week 32 :: EPL is just getting Hotter by the day!!

We witnessed the mother of all game-weeks last week.

With its twist and turns, the top spot contenders will now be fighting for keeping themselves in the top 4. 

Yes, I’m talking about Arsenal who has one more deadly match i.e. with Manchester City.
If they lose tonight, then it’s all but over for Wenger’s boys.

The Gunners have had the most disappointing weekend by collecting just 1 out of 6 possible points.
Not to forget Wenger’s 1000th game which ended in tatters as his team went down to 10 men, the referee red-carded the wrong guy, and they lost by 6 goals!!

Also their best player i.e. Aaron Ramsey who was their best player until he was buried deep in injuries keeping him out till mid April.
That’s sad news for them.

It seems everything is going against them.
They can’t afford to lose some more, can they?

Anyways, let’s move on to Manchester City.

These guys have 2 matches in hand & are 3 points behind table contenders Chelsea.
If we do the math properly, then by winning two games in a row, they can be on top spot with a 3 point lead.
Cool isn’t it?

But this will be their toughest test.
They gathered all 6 points last week, not to forget winning the Manchester derby as usual.
So, with the form they are carrying at the moment, getting 3 points shouldn’t be the problem.

Thus this is the match of the weekend i.e. Manchester City vs. Arsenal

Now let’s look ahead to the top 3 players to look out this weekend:

1)     Yaya Toure:

This guy has been instrumental to City’s success over the years.
With goals and assists pouring in, he along with his team-mates have been the ones to make sure that City be on top.

His past 4 games record:

5 goals & 1 assist.
That’s enough to prove the red hot form he is in.
The Gunners will need to be ready to face City who will come all guns blazing.
I just have one thing to say to Arsenal,
Like they say in Game of Thrones,
     “Winter is coming”

2)     Romelu Lukaku:

      This man has been Everton’s driving force since day one.
      Although he is on loan from Chelsea, he had vowed to score more goals than any Chelsea striker this  term.
He has done that successfully.
The only Chelsea player to beat him is Eden Hazard.

He has been plagued with injuries and thus has missed out on many games.
Since returning he has played just 4 games out of which he started in 3.

His past 4 games record:

3 goals & 1 assist.
Decent enough for a guy who has returned since an injury keeping him out for a month.
He will make sure to keep the distance Everton have with Spurs.

Also there is another high possibility
If Everton win, they come within 3 point distance with the Gunners.
That would be the most surprising situation as Everton can then fight for next season’s champions league qualifying spot..!!

3)      SAS:

SAS a.k.a Luis Suarez & Daniel Sturridge have been the pick of the season.
Their goals and assists tally can give many teams the blushes.
They have both been in striking red hot form.

With Suarez looking forward to scoring 30+ goals in a season & Sturridge also chipping in with 20+ goals, there is no reason why Liverpool can’t finish on top spot.

Sturridge & Suarez’s last 4 games record:

7 goals & 7 assists.
So many in just 4 matches.
These two will go guns blazing when the match begins itself.
Tottenham will have to get their strategies in place or be ready to be humiliated again by Liverpool.

Let’s witness this game-week which can change the Top 4’s future again.!!

Please Note:

The stats have been taken from

Friday, 28 March 2014

My name is Historical...!!

When i say that my name is historical, i mean it.
My name is "Lancelot Trevor Quadras"

Historically, Sir Lancelot took part in the round table conference and was the right hand of King Arthur.
Cool isn't it??
This is a pic of Sir Lancelot as per Arthurian Literature

While i was in school, i must have been told countless times about this fact.

I love my name, even the nick names.
Hell i have many nick names!!

The Basic meaning of my name  - A sharp object, maybe like an axe, during a war.

Now i love my name, but as i grew up from a young baba to an adult, people around me have sometimes given me enough motivation to hate it, or sometimes rise my blood pressure.

Some people pronounce my name in such a manner that i have no choice but to pity their parents who couldn't afford to even teach their children basic English.

But Sometimes i do have a laugh when i hear odd pronunciations of my name.
They sometimes get quite hilarious.

In college, the toughest time of the lecture for me would be the attendance.
With every teacher came a new style of my name being pronounced.
You can imagine how much the class gets to laugh when a name is pronounced funnily.

Any which ways, i have been experienced enough to not get angry, and correct people to call my name perfectly, but sometimes that effort goes in vain.

But it's OK..!!

This is me, Lancelot......Trying to make a mark and be better every year :)

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

IndiBlogger Meet - Legendary!!

This was my first Indi-Blogger meet.
Some details on the meet:
Location - Mumbai, Cafe Zoe
Topic - Kotak bank's new #jifi account
Name of the event - #JifiIsHere

My Expectations from the meet:
Meeting new people
Having a good time

Both the items on my list were check marked within the first 10 minutes of my entry.

Now let me tell you right from the start...
These guys (Indi blogger team) are not the guys who procrastinate.
Always doing stuff on time seems to be their priority.
I & my friend entered in Cafe Zoe.
On entry, they kept 3-4 laptops with one page opened.
The best way to enter in is to enter your login ID to Indi blogger.
After doing it successfully in my first attempt, we headed in.
All we could see was a huge projector screen, 2 LED’s, a Dj, the Bar & many guys in Indi Blogger Tees!

We took our seats, gorged on starters, had some drinks, and waited for th4 event to start.
They got everyone to do lots of stuff to pass the time.
Taking a selfie
Woof, I’m not a fan, honestly but I must have been a part of at least 5-10 selfies.
We Mumbaikars were trying to beat Bangalore for the maximum public in a selfie.
I hope we did that..!!

Also they had a dedicated hash tag i.e. #JifiIsHere where everyone from the 3 states was tweeting on the go.
They gave spot prizes in the tune of shopping vouchers. Boy did they make many happy!!
The tweets were increasing at a fast paced level and so were the people.
So much so, that the seats were full, literally!!

Then came the MC of the event who kept us all entertained throughout and kept distributing prizes… (Seriously, how did you’ll get so many!!)
The chief guest was unknown to us, and thus the guessing game began.
Someone from the back rows got it right, and there he entered.
Mr. Chetan Bhagat..!!
We all were surprised, and then began the event.
Kotak has introduced a new account which is unusual and unique in its own way.
It lets you connect your account to Twitter & Facebook.
So you can check your balances on your Facebook, and Twitter page.
The mere thought made me realize how far we have evolved in technology aspects.
Then arrived the Q & A round.
Many questions were asked, many were answered convincingly.
They showcased some 1 minute videos on Jifi account opening benefits.
That was all.
The later part of the event was just to mingle around, have lunch and desserts.
I liked it.
The way it was organized, the way it ended.
Obviously, if it were more interactive it would have been fantastic.
But all in all a brilliant event.

End of the day, there is one thought which I would like to share with you bloggers!

During the event, when I looked around the crowd gathered,
All I could see were people, quite in contrast, in ages, in styles, way of speaking.
But there was one thing which united us.
We are Bloggers.
We write.
We think.
We imagine.
We perceive.
Our thoughts might vary depending on the subjects, but we like sharing our thoughts through our blogs.
Events as such make us realize a lot of things.
I met many people, who had so much knowledge on stuff I don’t keep Intel on.
I didn’t know their names, but did know what they write.
Surprising isn’t it...
I hope this will be the first of many successful Indi Blogger meets for me.
Looking forward to the next visit..!!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

EPL Game-week 31 - The Decider of the 1st Spot..!!


P.S – For every fantasy premier league follower, now is the best time to make 3-4 transfers if needed, as there are 15 matches this week.
Honestly, so many match ups, so many situations this week.
Did you know, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City can get the top spot, if the others fail.
So much of competition I tell you this year of EPL has been!!
Anyways I have to mention the best 3 things to look out for.
Let’s start.

1) Chelsea vs. Arsenal:

This match will mark the 1000th game of Arsene Wenger for Arsenal..!!
But Mourinho stand’s in his way.
Chelsea for now is on 1st spot.
If they win, they can keep that position for some days at least.
Wenger will want the win not only because it’s his 1000th game, but also for boosting Arsenal’s chances for winning the league.
So look forward for a power packed early kick off!!

2) Manchester Derby:

This is one derby which has been brutal for many years.
Lately it has been City who has won the battle of the Manchester’s!!
That too with huge margins
Everyone remembers the drubbing united got i.e. 6-1
But we shouldn’t count them out now.
We have seen their UEFA performance and you cannot judge them anymore.
It seems Moyes will try his best to salvage some pride!

3) Liverpool:

Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge a.k.a “SAS”
These two have been phenomenal this season.
Their tally of goals has bettered some teams who overall can’t beat their tally.
Liverpool has been in striking form with their caption Stevie G who has played an anchor role, playing balls from the deep and indeed playing a captain’s role.
With two fixtures this weekend, they would want to garner all 6 points which potentially can give them the top spot for some time.

Thus indirectly the top 4 can outwit each other for the top spot.
Let’s see who prevails on top.
Who perishes!!
Again, whoever has a Fantasy premier league team, do make the best changes.
Will this week be the best of all game-weeks?
Let’s watch it out ourselves!!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Words of my Granny - Priceless!!

This thought got me nostalgic, and brought about all memories with my granny.
Although she stays in Mangalore, we don't get much time to spend with each other.

A little info about my dear Granny.
She is well over 70, but still looks better :)
Hasn't had much of visits to the hospital, which is a good acheivement.
Always worrying for her sons and daughters is one of her passions.

I do remember some views she had shared with me.
When i was little she mentioned a lot about the hardships she and grandpa had faced to raise the kids, keep the house running.
I didn't get the point at that time, was too naive.

Of all her stories, i noticed a pattern of one trait i.e "Positivity"
Through all the hardships, she remained positive.
There were times, there wasn't food at home always enough for everyone.
Now, honestly, i can't imagine what they might have gone through.
Remaining positive is one of the last things which we would do right?
First thing we would do is freak out.

Anyways, now i do understand what she meant, and every-time i am in a situation where i feel its time to give up, i remember this story, and ask myself just one thing. Did they give up?
The answer is No!!
So why should i?

For that matter, we all know what our parents might have done to raise us.
Not everyone was born with a golden spoon in their mouth.
Not everyone had the luxury from birth.
But all our wishes were fulfilled.
They gave us what we wanted.
They took care of us.
They did not give up.
So we shouldn't give up so easily either.

I have kept these words of wisdom to myself for a long time, i intend to take them to my grave!!


Monday, 17 March 2014

55 Fiction - The Best Birthday Gift Ever ?

He got ready. 

He was awaiting his girlfriend, who had his birthday party planned just for them. 

He longed to meet her as they hadn’t met since 3 months. 

She called. 

His heart was racing as he answered. 

She couldn’t make it she said. 

The boy went numb. 

A piece of him died that day!

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