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Friday, 31 January 2014

True friends stab on the face!!

"True friends stab each other in the face"
So, this quote proves how much worth true friends in life are... its said that in one life we meet many.. some become good friends.. some become close friends.. and then finally, some will always be true friends..
True friends are the ones who are like your substitute mirrors..
They tell you everything about you exactly.. without any manipulations.
Thus the term true friend..!
Friends as such will make fun of you till the hilt.. till you feel like taking a shotgun and pinning them down.. at times of happiness they will be the ones whom you would want to share your happiness.... they will always be the ones to be around you at times of sadness, sharing it, giving you advice, becoming a shield for you to be protected, to help you no matter what....also these are the people who often end up as our motivators!!
They want you.. and your attention.. nothing more!!

Thus No matter how good or bad you are.. if you have many true Friends.. then i must say.. you are one gem of a person!!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

To hurt somebody..!!

Ever imagined how many people we hurt sometimes?
It might have been intentional, unintentional or influenced..
Whatever be the type, the result is the same... A lot of negative energy joining hands with a broken heart which results in a person sulking or planning revenge..

I speak of this with such conviction as many a times i have been a Victim and sometimes the Instigator..!!
When I've been the VICTIM, its the usual... feeling sad, replaying the event ( which according to me is the worst thing an individual can torture himself to), thinking of how i could have ended the spat..!! Thinking of evil plans sometimes to get back at him/her.. etc

When I've been the CULPRIT , i really tend to lose it, and the opposite person has it from me.. its like a wave of anger for no reason.. maybe that person didn't get my notebook.. but I'll shout at him like he murdered my family...

Sounds too vague right..!!
But that's how some of us behave!!
And then comes the next stage for us... the time of GUILT..

After i shout at people for hardly a reason worth shouting, i feel terrible like a heartless stone cold monster.
That feeling kills me and never gets me to peace.. all that i think then is forgiveness.. i know it won't change things as "Words once spoken can never be taken back"

But by apologizing, there would be a certain level of peace and content..
Thus its really good to be patient as being calm will always help!! Saying a sorry would never make u feel like a small guy or as a person accepting defeat..!!

Thus its better many a times to forgive and forget..  as Holding on to a thought keeps hurting you in every interval of your precious life!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Bagels Bagels everywhere!!!

Had recently been to this place.

Its named "Samvene"

It specializes in Bagels, Burgers, Cold coffees ice creams, muffins, etc etc etc!!!


Just jotting down the list got me hungry!!
This was my first encounter with bagels.

Anyways the variety is really good and so are the bagels..
Also, their Irish and Hazelnut Coffee is by far the best i tasted..!!

They also have a brownie with ice cream that's like the dessert you exactly need after a good snack..!!
the Ambiance is decent and so are the prices.

You can get a Bagel meal for just 150 onward.

The meal includes A bagel of course... fries... and a soda of your choice!!
Three different dips are given, which really lets you experiment a lot..!! 

They also have Tuna Bagels which is also delicious!!
So, in short money wise, this is a good choice for foodies to enjoy.

Anyways, I'll share some pictures so that you get a good idea about the food and the place!! 
The Brownie with the ice cream!! *Droollll (price range 69-89 rupees)
Now that was an extra ordinary time!! Look at those bagels.. :)
One with the logo!! seems perfect... right?

So anyone up for a bagel??

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A free bus ride on Republic day

26th January happened to be on a Sunday!!
For every working professional, student it was a day of gratitude but also to frown!!
Because an extra holiday got wasted.
National holidays must come on a weekday!!
then it gets more special for us!
Ok, coming back to the topic, since it was a Sunday, i have this habit from 3-4 years to go to Bandra Kurla complex to play football with my friends.
Its usually far from my place in Andheri, but the love for this sport pulls me there!!
I had a gala time playing, so after we were done, i waited for a Bus to take me to station.
The bus was the same, but i happened to notice balloons inside of the three colors of the flag.
I just got in, and then to my shock was informed that every bus with the balloons were supplying free rides for the day!!!!
Wow... i know its hardly something, but it just got a wide smile on my face!!
 I made it known to my friends who were happy too..!!
Here is the pic of the bus i was in..!!
I know the photo is not that clear, but it has served the purpose!! :)

James Patterson - Kiss the Girls

Book review - Kiss the Girls by James Patterson

This was my first James Patterson book, and whoa.. what a storyline!!! Trully magnificent.
I've read some other books too, which I'll review later.
Mostly, all his books portray the killers as classy, elegant, full of different fetishes and awesomely smart..!!
In this book too, there are two killers whose names are "Casanova" & "The Gentleman"
Both have their style of killing, preferences of girls etc
And the hero of this book, the super detective "Alex Cross"
His instincts help him get a pattern..
The rest of the story is just too good to be true..
if you expect a Murder mystery book, then yeah!! this is the one you must read..!!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Candies - Bandra

A place which every Bandra guy & girl or for that matter, every college goer is synonymous with..!!

Situated In Pali Hill, Bandra, This place is a popular hangout for youngsters!

Have been to this place a lot because i was from St.Andrew's Bandra, which meant at least a monthly visit to this place.
Candies has a lot of variety, right from rolls, patties, to Lasagna & Spaghetti
Also it has a variety in its drinks right from Hot chocolate, Some iced teas and slush..!!
Not to forget a Salad Bar which is filling and reasonable..
Then, a separate counter with Cookies, Pastries etc which makes this place complete!!

Now that's my regular meal.. A salad plate which roughly costs around 120-140.. Its a one time serving.. you are given a plate.. once you can fill however huge of a mountain you can.. So build your appetite accordingly.. And next to it is my favorite drink which others like too.. the wild-berry ice tea!! If its not this, then its Hot chocolate.

This place is extended up to 3 floors, thus there is ample of space for every group. Also there are Air conditioned places situated on the ground floor & First floor, rest are open spaces, but don't you worry. every table outdoor has a table fan!! Cool isn't it?

So this place is a must visit place for all groups who want to have a gala time with delicious food.

Nora Roberts - Face the Fire

Another Book review of Nora Roberts!!

Hats off to Nora Roberts.. a good story line, characters explained well, and a good mystery!! even though i could only get my hands on the third book from the trilogy of three sisters, everything was well explained..!!
I got this book in a sale, thus on reading it for a while, i realized that there might be parts earlier to this.
But the magic she created with her writing was so good, that even though i didn't read the previous two parts, i could grasp & understand maximum of the past scenes.

Such is her writing, that you automatically visualize the scene happening right in front of you!!
Brilliant work, No wonder her books are rated highly..

I'm not gonna right the entire story as i would want you folks to read it.

My rating - 5/5 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Big Bazaar - sabse saste din!!

Big Bazaar... (26TH January Republic Day Special)

This phenomenon brought forward by the Future group has taken India like a tsunami wipes out everything on its way!!
They get a range of products right from retail to FMCG...
They claim to offer products at the cheapest cost in Mumbai, thus their tagline, "Isse sasta aur koi nahi"
They have a never ending customer base. But recently many competitors have been appearing in the market, thus eating up their market share.
So they came up with an idea..
Every now & then they come up with 3 back to back days of "Sabse saste din" meaning the cheapest 3 days..

I must tell you the crowd during these 3 days is too much to be true.. this place can itself be called as a over populated city..
 The morning bell rings at 9.30..
After the ring, the people run like its a war, only the fittest survive..

I entered here at 10am..
My first word, WHOAAA. the crowd was too much already for the security to handle. They use their whistles to the utmost utility as they try to signal the crowd to keep the flow! I pity the staff too, so many people asking a range of questions.. i would have been fed up of it in an hours time!

All in all.. if you wanna know how Mumbai feels like, do enter this place during the mega sale!! You'll get a good feel..!!
& since its republic day, that means a national holiday, i wish you best of luck if you plan to go today..!!

What does 26th January mean to a Mumbaikar?

What does 26th January mean to a Mumbaikar?

This day is patriotic..
But for most of us.. its something else..

For some, its a DRY DAY that means no alcohol... thus there is always extra crowd on 25th & 27th.
Funny isn't it?
For some, its a perfect time for business.. e.g - I boarded a train now from Andheri station, many are standing on the bridge carrying small stick on flags... whoever passes by, they stick it to the shirt, and take some coins in change.

For some, this day is  a holiday.. another good day of rest...!!

For some, this day is just like the other days!!

For some, its a day they get to wear traditional outfits & show it to their friends or colleagues.!!

I haven't come across any, but i do know that for some, this day is historic and its importance is invaluable..!!

As i travel, the crowd at every station is lesser than half the usual...
Either I'm too early, or maybe most of them are half asleep..

Have a nice day!
Saare jahaan se achhaa, Hindustan humara!!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Going to Church - Out of love Or Obligation

Going to church every week is what every christian does!!

The question arises.... How many of us go out of sheer love and affection towards the almighty?

At this virtual and digital age , many of us miss the time we spend with our near and dear ones as we are glued to our gadgets.

Also, many people just come to church as they find it as their duty to go to church.

They do not do it willingly. Sometimes, its just to show their parents that they are good children.
Sometimes, they come  to church as they get to meet their friends.
Sometimes and i mean it, very rarely a few would visit because they really want to..!!

Also, There are many things i notice during mass..
Such as,
The seats behind are packed. People will sandwich each other and fit in a conjusted place.
 The places in the front, especially the first 3 rows are hardly having people sitting.
 The priest mostly requests the people to come ahead and sit, rather than sit in such an uncomfortable manner.

Then, the mass begins, and so do the series of yawns..!!
I won't deny that sometimes i yawn too..!!
Many of us fall asleep during the sermon.

Some of us pretend to listen, and some of us are busy inside our phones!!
What's the point if you don't pay attention during the sermon!!

One of the masses i attended recently, the priest gave an eye opening sermon where he simply asked one question, "WHY DO WE COME TO CHURCH"?
 There was a silence, which was accompanied with another minute of silence.
That was the answer he expected. He explained to us what should have been our approach, that all we need to do is talk to the almighty for a minute.
We can indeed remove a minute out of our busy lives.
I've asked many of my friends about why do they come for mass, by far its just an obligation
What's your choice?

Friday, 24 January 2014

Pop Tates

Do check my Instagram Account (right side of the screen) for latest pics on Pop Tates!!

Ah..!! This place feels like the third home sometimes (right after home & college) !!
This picture sure is epic..!!For people who love alcohol, this is one of the places you should visit..
A hangout spot for almost everyone, this place caters to everyones needs..!!
there is a segment called the HAPPY HOURS where for a certain time period, all domestic drinks and beers would be BUY ONE get ONE FREE !!!!!!!!!!

Also at these places, the Pizzas are a highlight, the fries are tasty, and starters whether its Veg or Non veg are decent.
The Pasta segment is good, but too overpriced, so are the starters.
The Desserts are decently priced and are limited.
Have been to this place a lot and thus many pictures will be added..!!

                                                                   Say Cheers people!!! :)

A sizzler like this.... too good to be true!! Its quite reasonable with prices around 250-300..!!
This is by far the most sinful thing anyone can indulge in pop tates!!  A sizzling brownie with ice cream!!!Yummy!!


Cheese balls... The best i've had to date!! & the dip they give compliments it..!!

Chain Snatching In Mumbai

So, i guess everyone knows what does Chain Snatching mean...
Some call it an art, some call it a robbery etc.
I'm a simple resident in J.B.Nagar, Andheri East.

From the past couple of months, the chain snatching scenario has taken up our area like a flood.
Usually, My mother came home whining about the vegetable and meat and their rising prices.
But now, the scenario has changed.

Now, she gets home and tells me about whose chain got snatched, and where.
Its become a weekly affair and trust me, it does piss me off..

Recently, as i was walking towards cigarette factory to board a bus to Andheri station i seen a robbery right in front of me
It was around 10.30am, i was walking, and in front, a lady was purchasing potatoes i guess.
A bike was next to her. the next thing i seen was the person riding pillion, took the chain off like his hand was a magnet..(damn quick i must say) couldn't see his face and the rider too wore a helmet.
they went ahead, but to their dismay, The locals caught wind of the act as everyone shouted, CHORRRRRRRRRRRRRR....!!!!
They couldn't escape via bike, so they dumped it nearby and ran different routes.
One ran on the main road, while the other took a smaller route with many short cuts.
For a while, i was happy as many ran behind one of the robbers.

But then came the harsh part. The one who took the bigger route ran swiftly, No one around even tried to stop him... Cheers, Mumbai..!!

Felt bad, as the people just stood looking at him while he made his way..
The same scenario if happened with such people, they would be devastated.
The last i heard, they weren't caught. but the bike was found. so fingers are crossed, lets hope they are put to test!!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Nora Roberts - Black hills

Today i finished reading a book titled "Black hills" written by "Nora Roberts"
The type of book is More into Murder mystery and a hint of Romance!!
For additional Info on the author , do check her website. " "
Her books are brilliant and have good reviews worldwide.
The list of books are mentioned on " "
So i shall tell you'll about a brief  summary of this book.
 A brilliant story line..
Murderer who continues his killing spree trying to justify it as a tribute to his ancestors & the main characters Cooper & Lillian with their romantic history...
The twists and turns are far less in this novel but the story keeps you gripped till the very ending!!
A must read for all murder mystery lovers!!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Mad Over Donuts

Mad Over donuts!!!! a name exactly describing a person who likes, loves, craves,donuts!!
I am a doughnut lover..(If you touch my doughnut, i will kill you) I mean it..
One of the biggest temptations is to resist this small round ball of love!! :)
I have been here many times thus i have a lot of pictures !! will describe each one!!

The above pictures depict the love i have for these sweet nothings!! they keep offers to attract more audience and the loyal ones just flock to the outlet as and when they need to have one!!
Price - 55 per doughnut
Offers- Buy 5 get 1 free

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


My first visit to this place after a lot of recommends from friends & acquaintances turned out to be a satisfied meal..
The Ambiance seemed good for a dine-in...
Since i was recommended for a Buffet by almost everyone... i went forward with that idea..
I with my family went on a Sunday evening for dinner!
This place needs reservation calls thus if you ever plan to go ahead.. then please book in advance..
Also the rates.. are pretty decent.. and expected..
On weekdays it costs less (Around 500-600).. & weekends more (Around 700-800) !!
For dinner we were charged 800 per person.

The pictures i clicked above are of the desserts which were present there... Don't they look delicious?? 
Also, the grill which i mentioned is exactly on the center of the table.

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